A woman has called on a top banking firm to reconsider the closure of two of its branches.

Ruth Kersley, of Abbots Gardens, East Finchley has written to the Natwest chief executive Maxwell McEwan about the closure of branches in High Road, East Finchley and Finchley Road, Temple Fortune.

Neighbours were notified of the intended closure in March, but since the announcement Ms Kersley has struggled to get in contact with anyone who could help or listen to her concerns.

She wrote in her letter: “I urge you to rethink this foolhardy and short-sighted decision – ask yourself why you are doing this and if it is not to help your customers, you should abandon it.

“The alternative is a dystopian future for our high street communities and may well mark their eventual demise.”

Ms Kersley has been a loyal customer of the bank for more than 30 years and has lived close to the East Finchley branch since 1984.

On being notified Ms Kersley immediately sought out the local chief executive, but was told immediately they would not be dealing with the issue, and spent several months tracking down another person to help with her enquiry.

She also cites the elderly and disabled as those who will lose out if the branches are closed.

A Natwest spokesperson said the reason for the closure comes with people changing the way they bank, and they have proactively contacted regular and vulnerable customers.

The spokesman said: “We are committed to ensuring our customers and communities are able to continue accessing quality banking services.”

They have also created the role of a community banker to assist people on a regular basis and “techxperts” who will support and train customers in telephone and online banking.