A woman has called for changes to a "dangerous" entrance to a leisure park.

Barbara Goodman, 73, of Friary Road, Finchley, has been in touch with her MP, Mike Freer, and Barnet Council to call for another entrance to the Great North Leisure park off High Road, Finchley, to be erected.

Ms Goodman believes there are "huge and dangerous problems" when attempting to turn into or out of the leisure park when turning right, as there can be difficulties avoiding oncoming cars at this junction, as well as there not being a sufficient number of entrances and exits to the park.

She said: "Should there be a major incident at any of the outlets [in the leisure park] there would be chaos in the stampede to escape.

"There may be additional entrances and exits which I am unaware of, but then so would hundreds of others be."

Ms Goodman believes a way to get around this issue would be the installation of a roundabout or to put in some traffic lights.

On writing to Barnet Council, Ms Goodman was told this issue would be dealt with Transport for London and would not come under Barnet Highways.

Glynn Barton, TfL’s interim director of road space management, said: "Reducing road danger on London’s streets is one of our top priorities and we meet with Barnet Council regularly to discuss transport improvements in the borough.

The A1000 High Road is a road looked after by Barnet Council. We will be discussing the location with them, looking at the potential effects of the various options on other drivers in the area.”

A Barnet Council spokesman said proposals for improvements on this junctions were considered in the 2017/18 works programme, but were not successful.

The spokesman said: "The safety of residents in the borough is of paramount importance.

"This location was prioritised against other requests received and whilst these proposals were not successful, they will be reconsidered for inclusion in a future years programme."