Reginald Davis MBE, of Totteridge Village, has travelled more than two million miles and taken thousands of photographs in his career, spanning more than 70 years.

His photographs have appeared in newspapers and magazines the world over, as well as in books covering the Royal Family.

He has been made a fellow of the Masters Association, the British Institute of Professional Photographers and of the Royal Photographic Society and was awarded his MBE in 2008 for his work.

His newest book, My Life Photographing Royalty and the Famous, was released in May of this year and includes portraits, long shots and images of the Royal Family over a number of years, as well as icons such as Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly.

I asked Mr Davis to send us his favourites to display, but on asking him which he would choose, he said: "I love them all. There are 42 photographs in the book and I could choose any of them.

"The cover of the book is beautiful, also one of my favourites and Isabella Rossellini is a fabulous photograph."

Here are some of Mr Davis' best works, all of which are displayed beautifully in his new book.