A man caught up in a disagreement with a local association is frustrated to find his address post regularly removed.

Reginald Davis MBE, of Totteridge Common, has lived in his home for 31 years and has had an address post on the verge of his roadway for that time.

However earlier this year his post was taken down by the Totteridge Manor Association, which he was told was due to the association having received complaints about it being intrusive and unattractive.

Mr Davis was frustrated as it had never been removed previous to this point, and has now been moved three times, after which Mr Davis has had to pay a builder to replace it.

He said: "I decided after 31 years that it has been there, to put it back up again. Yet again it has been taken down.

"It is very childish and stupid."

He has also contacted the Citizens Advice Bureau and has considered seeking legal advice.

The association has responded saying the sign was damaged in April and therefore the opportunity was taken to remove the concrete spur which supported the sign, and to inform Mr Davis that they received a number of complaints about the positioning, size and appearance of the sign at a particularly narrow part of the verge and they would not want to renew permission for the it.

Totteridge Manor Association chairman Terry Bannister said: "It is true that Mr Davis’s sign was erected a long time ago with the agreement of a previous chairman, but it would not be compliant with current policy.

"We suggested that given the closeness of the boundary wall to the road, a sign could be placed on his property instead.

"The TMA is aware and regrets that disputes of this nature this nature can cause friction with frontagers, but it is only by resolutely sticking to sound policies, even in relatively small matters, that the uncluttered beauty of Totteridge can be maintained."