A mother who had a brain tumour is holding a charity quiz night to raise funds for more research.

Vicki Harris, from Barnet, is holding a quiz night on September 9 to raise funds for Brain Cancer Research after she and a friend of her son's, Will Moores, were diagnosed with brain tumours.

Sadly Will, who was diagnosed shortly before his 16th birthday in 2011, died in February 2014, aged 18, after more than two years of treatment and a surgery.

For Ms Harris, she was diagnosed after experiencing headaches and spates of numbness in December 2015, though at first GPs and nurses told her it was just a migraine.

After seeking advice at The Spire in Bushey, Ms Harris was told she had a 3cm x 3cm tumour on her right frontal lobe.

She said: "I remember gripping my husband's hand so tightly as the bombshell was dropped.

"We stayed calm but we were in shock for days."

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Ms Harris and her family immediately began preparing for the worst, and her surgery was scheduled in for June 1, after which she was told her tumour was entirely removed and was a lower grade than was first thought.

She continued: "This diagnosis meant that no one tried to persuade me into radio or chemotherapy and I could concentrate on building up my strength and getting my life back.

"It took three months for me to feel anywhere near 'normal' in terms of energy, and I resumed working in the autumn."

During this difficult period, Ms Harris' mother sadly died from terminal endometrial cancer in April 2016.

Ms Harris' husband is a cancer researcher, and so it was decided that Brain Tumour Research would be the charity to raise funds for.

"Brain Tumour Research is a fantastic charity that is funding both new avenues of research and also supporter charities," she said.

The event takes place is on September 9 and her son, Benedict, will be quizmaster in honour of his mother and friend, Will.

To get involved, visit the event page for information.