Police have been reaching out to make sure the most vulnerable people are safe.

PSCO John Hainsworth delivered a presentation on staying safe to the Jubilee Club of Hertsmere Mencap on Wednesday, July 26.

Members of the club have various learning difficulties, and PCSO Hainsworth was on hand to talk about the importance of travel safety.

He said: “I enjoy my regular talks to the group and hope they are taking my advice on board.

“Last week, I spoke to them about how they need to tell someone where they are going and how to safely travel on buses, trains and taxis.

“We also covered how to cross the road, bicycle safety, what to do if they get lost and how to keep their valuables safe as well as using emergency contact details, including using 999, should they need them.”

Lucy Canning, the Hertsmere Mencap Activities Co-ordinator, said: “I’m so grateful to PCSO

John Hainsworth for his regular visits to the Jubilee Club on Wednesday evenings.

“His visits and presentations are so welcome, both in terms of reassuring us of safety during the evening and for reminding our members what to do if ever they feel vulnerable and in danger.

“John goes beyond the call of duty and has taken time to get to know each one of our members, many of whom have difficulties communicating and has become a friend to us all.

“We appreciate the time taken out of a busy and important job to show us all how much we are valued by the local police service.”