The mystery of why a care home changed its name has been revealed.

Celia Johnson Court Care Home in Gregson Court, Borehamwood, was rebranded as the Radley Care Home last month.

The estate for elderly residents on the site of the former MGM Studio in Borehamwood and had been named after the iconic Brief Encounter actress to celebrate the location’s film heritage.

Residents were concerned that the change in name was a move away from the recognition of the history of famous TV and films studios in the area.

Borehamwood and Elstree historian Paul Welsh said: “We have named roads for the last 40 years after film and TV personalities, and it seems a shame if something breaks away from that.

“Celia Johnson was a great film star in her time, which was why the name was appropriate, and I do not see why you would not want to be associated with a vintage actress.”

But the change in name, may not be as far detached from the site’s location as once thought.

The home is being rebranded in memory of the old MGM Studio, which was situated between Potters Lane and Radley Lane.

The home formerly run by Aldwyck Housing Group has been taken over by B and M Care, who have been running care homes for the past 40 years and decided that a rebranding would help them establish their presence in the area.

B and M Care Marketing Manager Angela Hunt said: “We decided to rebrand the home and thought this was important to generate new interest.

“We a chose the name because the studio was between Radley Lane and Potters Lane, and it’s meant to be a positive thing.

“What won’t change is the quality of care we give to the residents. We have built up an excellent reputation over the years and we want to keep ties to the community.”

The home will be holding dementia awareness events and a party in September to celebrate the acquisition and to build relationships with neighbours.