Random breathalyser and drug checks took place on the weekend to highlight the dangers of driving under the influence.

Officers from the Borehamwood Safer Neighbourhood Team stopped more than 50 vehicles as part of the initiative on Saturday.

Drug itemisers were used to detect substances on people’s skin. The readers are so sensitive that they can pick up traces of drugs which may be transferred by exchanging money.

Traces of cannabis, cocaine, MDMA, heroin and medication/stimulant ephedrine were found on a total of nine drivers.

Four drivers blew recordings nearing the legal limit of 35mgs of alcohol in 100ml of breath, including one reading at 30.

PCSO Sam O’Grady said: “Any drugs or alcohol can impair your judgement, and can be especially dangerous on the roads. For the safety of all road users, please limit drinking alcohol when you are driving and do not use any drugs. Also, be careful about prescribed medication, which could also compromise your judgement.

“We will continue to run these operations on a regular basis. However, any drivers who have high levels of drugs on them or who are over the legal limit will be arrested.

“We received lots of positive feedback from the public, including the ones we stopped. Some of them were surprised to have a trace of drugs on them and we searched their car, which had a higher reading.”

The drugs itemiser is funded by the Hertsmere Community Safety Partnership, which includes the council and police.