A film showing a fly-tipping van being destroyed highlights the dip in reports of fly-tipping.

The Fly-Tipping Group is made up of commissioner’s office, Hertfordshire Constabulary, the National Farmers’ Union and the Environment Agency and is part of the wider Hertfordshire Waste Partnership.

A film made by the group shows a van that was used for fly-tipping being crushed, as viewers are reminded that they could face this, a £50,000 fine and a stretch in prison if caught dumping rubbish.

Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd said: “The message is that if you think you can make a business out of fly tipping in Hertfordshire you need to think again.

“Fines have not always proved a sufficient deterrent in the past but destroying these vehicles makes sure they won’t be used for fly tipping again.

“It’s important that residents and businesses carry out the necessary checks to ensure that any waste collection contractors they engage are properly licensed so they don’t end up in court being prosecuted for fly tipping.”

There has been a 15 per cent reduction in reports of fly-tipping in Hertfordshire, according to figures from the county’s Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd.

In 2016 the commissioner set up a £400,000 fund to support partnership schemes to combat the issue, and more than £80,000 of the fund so far has been spent to prevent fly-tipping by installing cameras in fly-tipping hot spots.

The responsibility to tackle rubbish dumping is primarily down to local authorities such as councils, but this multi-authority organisation the Fly-Tipping Group has been cracking down on rubbish dumping.

David Lloyd added: “Fly tipping is a disgusting activity and it’s something people have consistently told me they want to see tackled more strongly.

“I hope that this has been a factor in contributing to the fall in fly tipping incidents in the past year but we also need to recognise that this remains a very serious problem and there is still a lot of work to be done.”

The public are advised to call 999 if they see fly-tipping in progress and to report the issue online at www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/flytipping.

For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/hertspcc/videos/877363232428598/ or view the film here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPA9GvT0Sw8.