A multi-faith group has released a message of hope as they prepare for a week of events.

The Barnet Multi Faith Forum has released a message of hope to bring together those affected by recent terrorists incidents around the UK and beyond.

Esmond Rosen, chairman of Barnet Multi Faith Forum, said: "As has been wholeheartedly illustrated we have the ability, the strength, the determination and the courage to come together as communities of hope and faith to deal with these events.

"We have created institutions, organisations and network relationships and have built trust and understanding between communities and faiths that together we have formed traditions and customs of how to respond effectively."

The group are holding their annual event as part of multifaith week, with this year's event taking place at Hendon Town Hall on November 15.

For more information visit the forum's website at http://barnetmultifaithforum.org/