A school has joined forces with a trust to tackle digital exclusion among young people.

The #NotWithoutMe plot programme saw the joining of The Pavilion, an education centre with sites in Barnet and Whetstone, and the Carnegie UK Trust to help 30 pupils lean new digital skills to help improve their social and mental wellbeing.

The programme challenges the assumption that younger generations are "digital natives" and helps more vulnerable young people to use digital equipment, create content and upload onto the school website, which will hopefully lead the way in getting schools to provide similar development programmes in formal and informal education.

Gina Wilson of the Carnegie UK Trust said: "As a society we are guilty of assuming that young people are digitally proficient and have access to the benefits that digital skills can bring.

"Digital exclusion, particularly amongst vulnerable young people, is an important and often overlooked issue.

"In supporting vulnerable young people to develop relevant digital skills and understanding, we can also empower them to access more opportunities, and in turn improve both their social and mental wellbeing."

This programme comes during Get Online Week, a nationwide campaign to help people get online.

Carnegie UK also provided £10,000 towards the programme to help The Pavilion in providing the programme.

For more information read the report by visiting https://www.carnegieuktrust.org.uk/publications/digitalworld/