Four men who kidnapped a man and threatened to “blow off” his head unless they were paid a ransom have been jailed.

Ryan Cahill, 23, of Valley Drive, Kingsbury, was sentenced to six years and eight months for conspiracy to kidnap, false imprisonment and blackmail.

Barry Penrose, 28, of Lacey Drive, Edgware, was handed 13 years and five months for conspiracy to kidnap and false imprisonment, conspiracy to burgle and drugs supply.

Anthimos Tooley, 54, of Alexandra Road, Borehamwood, was given 16 years for conspiracy to kidnap, false imprisonment and blackmail.

George Rock, 28, also of Alexandra Road, Borehamwood, was sentenced to nine years and four months for conspiracy to kidnap.

A court heard how the 38-year-old victim was snatched on 15 August 2016 after his car was hit by a van in Stanmore.

Upon getting out to check the damage, he was punched in the face by Rock, who had been driving the van.

Penrose and Cahill then helped bundle him into the back of the van, and the victim’s family soon began receiving threatening phone calls.

They were ordered to withdraw money from a safety deposit box from Metro Bank and said they would “blow off” the hostage’s head if they did not comply.

A final demand was made that evening but no money was transferred over the course of the kidnap.

The next day, police raided an address in Hadley Wood, Barnet, where they found the victim tied to a chair in the basement.

He had suffered cuts, burns and bruises from the binding, a deep cut to his leg and another minor knife wound. His face had also been threatened with a blow torch.

Rock, Penrose and Cahill were arrested at the scene, while Tooley was apprehended on September 6 at an address in Alexandra Road.

Detective Sergeant Dan Mitchell, from the Modern Slavery and Kidnap Unit said: “This crime has had a serious and lasting impact on the victim and his family.

“The victim showed remarkable bravery in spite of being imprisoned, tortured and threatened with his life. I am pleased that the offenders have now been brought to justice.”