A new electric car charging spot has opened.

Shell Stirling Corner is the newest Shell Recharge spot in the UK, which has rapid electric car charges which will charge most cars in 30 minutes.

The service, provided in partnership with Allego, is subscription free but users will have to charge for the power used in a one-off payment.

Jane Lindsay-Green, Shell UK future fuels manager, said: "We’re pleased to introduce Shell Recharge to Shell Stirling Corner, enabling us to offer a greater range of fuel choices to our customers in Barnet.

"With Shell Recharge, Electric Vehicle drivers in Barnet can benefit from a reliable, convenient and subscription-free charging service where they can charge their vehicle and take a break from their journey."

The new electric car site is at the current Shell Stirling Corner, which is on Stirling Corner roundabout, next to Harvesters.