A decision to reduce the frequency of a bus route has been criticised by a north London politician.

The C11 bus will have reduced frequency on its route from Brent Cross and Archway, moving from around six buses per hour rather than its current capacity.

This has sparked outrage from London Assembly member Andrew Dismore, who has criticised the decision by Transport for London (TfL) and called for the frequency to remain as it is.

He said: "Residents complain to me of crowded buses; a reduction in services will exacerbate this, and make the service less reliable.

"Given the rationale for not providing direct bus services between Finchley and the Royal Free Hospital is that the hopper fare makes the cost of using two buses the same as one journey, this makes a mockery of that decision.

"TfL keep saying they match services to demand, but they don’t realise that reducing services undermines them; as services become less regular, users start to consider alternatives, further reducing demand.

"It is also unfair on those who still use these services."

Mr Dismore wrote to TfL, who gave their explanation as being that they are making better use of their resources by matching capacity to demand, which they believe is sufficient at six buses per hour.

A source at TfL told the Barnet Borough Times that currently the service has room for people to get on the bus and though they are always reassessing their services, six buses is the right number for the people who use it.