Extra security at Jewish schools should be paid for by the Government, according to Hendon's MP.

Andrew Dismore made the request in a House of Commons debate on anti-Semitism last Thursday.

The Labour MP complained no money had been ring-fenced for security at Barnet's Jewish schools, despite increasing anti-Semitic attacks.

Mr Dismore raised the issue following recent revelations that some schools in the borough were asking parents for voluntary donations to meet security costs.

He argued that, in a borough with more Jewish schools than anywhere else in the country, the problem was serious.

"I visit schools all the time and the students - from the little kids to sixth formers - tell me time and again about the anti-Semitic incidents they experience.

"The threat and reality of anti-Semitism is with us. We are talking not only about Islamic extremists, but about the far right, and sometimes about plain nutcases.

"Jewish people are the only community in our country who live in a permanent state of siege and underlying fear."

In the last academic year Menorah Primary School in Woodstock Avenue, Golders Green, spent more than £20,000 on security guards, according to the MP.

Rosh Pinah School, in Glengall Road, Edgware, spent £15,000 on alarms and a similar sum on security guards. Mathilda Marks Kennedy School in Hale Lane, Mill Hill, reported similar figures.

Hasmonean High School, in Holders Hill Road, Hendon - the borough's only Jewish secondary school - spends £90,000 each year on security guards.

Mr Dismore said: "We had a debate a while ago about school admissions and schools charging parents to allow their children to attend.

"It is a voluntary contribution, but Jewish parents are expected to pay towards the cost of ensuring that their children are secure at school.

"It is not fair that parents are expected to pay for what every other parent takes for granted - the security and safety of their children at school."

The Government allows a school's capital funding to be used for security but it is not ring-fenced. Currently, no Barnet school uses Government money for security.

Hasmonean headteacher Rabbi David Meyer said: "Unfort-unately we live within a day and age where Jewish students do need security in order to be able to study and at this stage in time the full burden of funding is on the Jewish community.

"Really there should be an argument that every child has an absolute right to be protected and as the broader community we should be funding that."

The debate coincided with a string of attacks on synagogues across London, which were daubed in anti-Jewish graffiti.

Brian Coleman, London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden, said: "Coupled with the vote for the BNP in the recent elections this anti-Semitism is a worrying trend and cannot be tolerated."

A Government spokes-man said it had no plans to give Jewish schools extra funding.

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