A FACEBOOK site in support of police officers launched by Barnet and Camden London Assembly member Brian Coleman has been overrun with anti-police comments.

All but two of the 24 messages posted on the "Commend a Copper" group wall are critical of the police, and many mock the Tory GLA member for his decision to set up the site.

Joel Raku wrote on Saturday: “When can we citizens arrest the police for their criminal acts? Because they wear a uniform does that make them any better? Does that mean they are uncorruptible and act only in the interests of the people? Of course not.”

Joel Taylor wrote on April 30: “I’d like to commend the excellence of the police intelligence operation which led to an innocent man being shot seven times in the head while reading the Metro.”

One of the more positive messages, from Arash Marashi, in Cambridge, complimented the police on their bird-watching skills.

He wrote on April 28: “I'd like to commend a police officer I met recently on the Isle of Mull. Not only was he very friendly and doing an outstanding job protecting the rare birds of the island, but he could tell a white-tailed sea eagle from a golden eagle at long distance in an instant, which is a good effort.”

Mr Coleman, who also represents Totteridge on Barnet Council and is due to become Barnet mayor next month, condemned the critics.

He said: "I accept some mistakes were made by the police. ID numbers should have been properly displayed and a tiny minority of officers' behaviour crossed the line, but it would be wrong if these incidents detracted from the overall operation.

"However, it is equally wrong for detached commentators to condemn the entire force for the actions of a few. Tarring every officer with the same brush is not the answer - it is wrong, unhelpful and undermines public safety.

"The 'bash-a-bobby' brigade also wrongly ignore the undoubted commitment and professionalism of London police officers, not to mention their selfless bravery in times of emergency, such as the July 7 bombings and failed bomb plots of 2007.

"I say let's support the Met, not do them down."

The Facebook group can be found at facebook.com/group.php?gid=167486665402