THE Government's decision not to suspend Territorial Army training has been greeted by the Hendon Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate.

On Wednesday Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced plans to save £20m by stopping the training exercises would not be pushed through after an outcry from the public.

Hendon Lib Dem Matthew Harris had been part of the opposition and started a petition on the Downing Street website which attracted more than 5,000 signatures against the plans.

He told the Times Series: “I really am very surprised they ever thought this was a good idea in the first place.

“The idea of stopping all training to save a relatively small sum of money was a daft idea. These troops are called on to serve in Afghanistan, so it's only right they have training.

“I'm pleased a lot of people felt the same as I did and public pressure has led them to change their minds.”

A spokesman for the B Company London Regiment, which is based in Edgware, said he was unable to comment on the decision.