A LEADING drivers' group has criticised Barnet Council for only being able to grit a fraction of the roads across the borough during the cold spell this week.

Gritters have been restricted to clearing just 60 roads of the 400-mile network since January 7 due to a shortage of grit in the borough.

The council said they needed to cut the number of roads being gritted to conserve reserves of grit, after a huge order placed before Christmas failed to be delivered and the government took control of national stockpiles to divert them where they were most needed.

Daniel Cukier, the Barnet spokesman for the Association of British Drivers, said the move showed the council was unprepared, adding: “I find it pretty appalling the council was only gritting 60 roads.

“Considering what happened last year when they nearly ran out of grit you would think they would have made provisions for it.

“The fact they were reduced to clearing so few roads for nearly a week is appalling.”

Did you suffer because your road was not gritted? Did the reduction in the number of roads being gritted affect the borough? Leave your comments below.