A SERVICE marking Holocaust Memorial Day will be held this afternoon in Hendon.

Hundreds of people are expected to turn out for the memorial to be held in the Ricketts Quadrangle in the grounds of Middlesex University, in The Burroughs, at 1pm.

The crowds will be joined by two distinguished speakers who will talk about their experiences and observations of some of the darkest times in history.

Author Denise Affonco, who lived through the years of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia and now lives in Paris, will speak about her experiences of living under oppression.

Henry Grunwald, the former President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, will talk about the importance of creating tolerance and understanding between different religions.

The service remembers all victims of genocide, including the atrocities committed in Cambodia, several countries in Africa and in the Balkans, and will this year focus on the theme “Legacy of Hope”.

The Mayor of Barnet, Councillor Brian Coleman, will lead the civic procession into the Quadrangle prior to the service beginning.

He said: "The horrors of the Holocaust will never be forgotten, and it is through events such as this that we can learn how to live in peace with each other.

"We need to stand up to those around the world who feel hatred has a place in today's society and instead promote community values and the importance of respecting others."

Entry is free and this year's service will begin at 1pm, although attendees are asked to be seated by 12.45pm.