THE Lib Dem candidate for the Hendon Parliamentary seat has said he is “very disappointed” in Labour MP Andrew Dismore over claims he broke rules.

A BBC investigation revealed Mr Dismore had asked more than 200 questions about Cyprus without declaring a personal interest after numerous trips to the divided island.

However, he says he did declare the trips and the questions were of no personal or financial gain to him and he undertook them as part of his commitment to the Cypriot community in the Hendon constitiency.

Lib Dem candidate Matthew Harris said: “I am very disappointed by BBC reports that Andrew Dismore appears to have broken these rules an astonishing 90 times, although I understand that he denies doing anything wrong. My disappointment will be shared by many people in Hendon.

“This news will add to local people’s disquiet following the expenses revelations. I know that some Lib Dem MPs have broken the same rules on declaring foreign trips, but local people care about our MP’s record here.”

To read Mr Dismore's explanation of the accusations click the related link below.