AN 11-year-old girl was treated in hospital after being repeatedly bitten by a dog in Grahame Park on Saturday.

The girl was playing with friends near her home in Long Field at about 2.55pm when the small brown dog ran up to her and started to bite her arms.

A white man then ran from behind a neighbouring block and started hitting the dog to get it away, but it did not stop the mauling until a black man picked it up and took it away.

Police are uncertain whether either of the men own the dog which is known to be regularly walked in the area and believed to be called Temper.

The girl was taken to hospital by her mother where she was treated for puncture wounds on her arms caused by the dog's teeth.

Residents were unable to provide more details about the dog or its owner and anyone with information is asked to contact Barnet police on 0300 121 1212.