MIDDLESEX University vows to become greener as it ranks at the bottom end of this year’s People and Planet’s Green League.

The annual league table lists universities in the UK in order of their environmental and ethical performance.

This year 142 universities were monitored in areas such as ethical investment, as well as their use of energy and how much waste or carbon emissions they create.

Middlesex ranked 111th – an improvement on last year’s position at 129 out of 133 universities – and achieved a third class award.

Susie Page, environmental manager at Middlesex said: “We’re determined to move up the table and to do this we’ll need to show we have excellent sustainability policies and systems in place across the university.

“We’ve made progress this year by showing we’ll slash 20 per cent from our carbon emissions and by working harder with staff and students to tackle sustainability issues.”

Ms Page admitted the university has a lot to do but said strategies are underway to tackle the problem.

She said: “This includes getting our sustainability plans tested to ensure they are working, linking up with the student union to sell more ethically sourced products on campus, and doing everything we can to save energy.

“Our most exciting project is the new Grove art, design and media building opening this autumn in Hendon, which will be one of the cleanest, greenest buildings in Barnet.

“Apart from a ‘living’ grass roof it will also have solar, thermal hot water and heating, natural ventilation and efficient lighting keeping energy use to an absolute minimum.”

Nottingham Trent was named the greenest university and Bishop Grosseteste University College Lincoln and Ravensbourne in Greenwich were bottom of the league.