Parking charges, the future of Barnet Football Club and private hire of parks are all to be hotly debated at the full meeting of Barnet Council tonight.

A large public attendance is expected at Hendon Town Hall, The Burroughs, as Labour councillors put forward motions challenging three contentious council proposals.

A special meeting at 6.15pm will see a motion put forward by Councillor Kath McGuirk calling for the "review the introduction of last year’s parking charge increases, and the proposal to increase parking charges in the borough by five per cent next year".

Rweets by Barnet bloggers this afternoon have called for traders affected by charges to attend, and a tweet from Cllr McGuirk said: "How will Barnet Tories vote on parking charges? Will they stand up to their Cabinet member and back traders and residents?"

In the full meeting, from 7pm, Councillor Alison Moore will put forward a motion for the leader of the council and cabinet to "do everything they can" to keep the Barnet FC in the borough.

In November 2011, an announcement from the club's chairman Tony Kleanhous that the club would no longer be housed at Underhill was met with public outcry.

Cllr Moore said: "The club does great work in the local community and to help young people, and it would be a very sad loss were it to leave the borough."

A third Labouir-led motion will call for council to drop a proposal to allow parks to be hired out for private functions.

Cllr Kath McGuirk said: "We have been inundated with emails and phone calls from local residents who are up-in-arms about the private hire of parks.

"We are clear that parks are for the community, and their access and enjoyment should not be lessened so that the council can make money."

The private hire of parks was a hot topic at last night's Finchley and Golders Green residents' forum.

Mike Gee, of Finchley, who has campaigned against the proposal called the forum a "joke".

He said the majority of the questions asked at the forum were about events in parks, but no straight answers were given.

"It was a bit of a fiasco," he said.

"There was a lot of protests that it's not democratic - there are so many restrictions on what you can and can't ask. It's a bit of a joke."

Mr Gee said campaigners would be attending tonight's meeting and "would not give up fighting".