Another day of persistent rain is beginning to take its toll on Barnet.

Parts of Finchley’s Windsor Open Space are flooded and the river-side footpath is impassable.

Ian Liss, 66, from Hendon Lane, visited the area this morning and suggested that it be renamed “Windsor Open Lake.”

He said: “I couldn’t walk along the path which runs along the stream. The river is at least double its normal size.”

The unseasonal weather has also been affecting the roads.

One lane of the M25 clockwise is closed on the exit slip road due to flooding at Junction 25.

Earlier today the Archway Road in East Finchley was partially blocked by flooding.

The A1 northbound at A1000 North Hill was only just passable due to standing water caused by a night of heavy rain.

The rain is now moving away from London and the Met Office has reduced its weather warning from amber to yellow.

It is warning people to be prepared for surface water flooding and localised river flooding, as well as for difficult driving conditions.

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