Two 16-year-olds are to have their hair shaved off by a vicar this evening.

Rebecca Davidson and Emilia Blandino are having their heads shaved at All Saints Church, in Oakleigh Road North, by the Reverend Adrian Benjamin.

The college students are letting themselves in for the daunting haircuts to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

They have been planning the event for more than a month after being inspired by the Race for Life.

Emilia, from Harlesden, said: “We did the race for life with my mum and we heard some amazing stories from other racers.

“It was those stories that inspired us to try and raise money.”

The London College of Beauty Therapy student added: “We are very nervous. I think I might have to wear a hat but I will mainly leave it as it is also about showing support to people who lose their hair.

“Some of our friends think we are crazy but most of them are very supportive.

“I think they are interested to see what we will look like.”

Emilia and Rebecca, who is from High Barnet, decided that they would allow the person who made the biggest donation to cut their hair.

The reverend donated the church hall as a venue for the haircuts and, therefore, has been handed the scissors.

He said: “I think they are very brave. They are not even planning to wear wigs.

“They say that if they wear a wig it will take away from the purpose.”

To date the girls have raised £530.