A disabled dog owner from Burnt Oak is appealing for volunteers to walk her beloved dog as she is no longer able to do so.

Valerie Wooding, 73, of South Road, has reduced mobility so is not able to walk ten-year-old miniature poodle, Pickles, any more.

Miss Wooding has teamed up with charity, The Cinnamon Trust, to look for a walker to take Pickles out a few times a week.

Miss Wooding said: “Dogs need walking and Pickles loves sniffing at things.

“To go out would be something different for her instead of just being stuck in my flat and garden all the time.”

Miss Wooding has owned Pickles for more than eight years since rescuing her from the National Animal Welfare Trust in Watford.

In her younger days Pickles used to go with Miss Wooding to visit the children’s ward at Stanmore Hospital and the pair also took part in dog agility competitions.

The owner said: “Pickles is my life. I only moved to this flat because they said I could bring her as well.

“I love dogs. They are company.

“Pickles used to visit the children’s ward at the hospital once a week and the kids loved seeing her.”

Miss Wooding used to take Pickles out on her mobility scooter but is worried that the dog’s lead will get tangled up in the wheels.

She said: “I hope it would be a pleasure for someone to take her for a walk.

“She is no problem at all. She is so easy and very gentle.

“If we can’t find anyone willing to take her out then she will have to manage with just the garden.”

The Cinnamon Trust is a Cornwall based charity which helps elderly and ill people to keep their animals by pairing the owners up with volunteers who will help them.

Sally Collins, appeals administrator at the Cinnamon Trust, said: “Volunteer dog walkers help people keep their pets which are sometimes their only companion.

“It is important that people can keep their pets for the company even if they are not able to walk them anymore.”

Anyone who can help is asked to contact Ms Collins on 01736 7587047.