A 60-year-old from Mill Hill is campaigning to save a bank of trees which are being threatened with destruction.

George Maile of Burtonhole Close is calling for Barnet Council to prevent the killing of trees at the Old Camdenians Football Club, also in Burtonhole Close.

Mr Maile, who is retired and lives next door to the club, claims that a number of trees in the “naturally beautiful tree line” have already been cleared and that more are in danger.

He believes that the trees are being cleared as part of work to create a cricket pitch, but that the tree clearance is not necessary.

Mr Maile wants the council to step in to prevent any more trees dying.

He says that more are at risk because, as part of the landscaping work, their roots and trunks have been buried under large amounts of soil which will prevent them breathing and reaching the nutrients they need.

Mr Maile said: “There is no reason for these trees to go – they have been there for more than 100 years.

“I don’t know what the motive is. It is a real shame.

“This is a green belt area so it is just incredible that no one seems to be able to stop the destruction.

“The council doesn’t seem to be bothered. They haven’t done anything.”

He is also concerned that the removal of the trees will be detrimental to the wildlife in the area as they will lose their habitat.

He said: “The area is very open and full of deer so the trees are an important part of the habitats.

“They are vital to providing shelter for the wildlife.”

In a statement Barnet Council said: “The trees are not protected by Tree Preservation Orders and do not fall within a conversation area.

“This means no prior permission needs to be obtained from the council for works to be carried out to the trees.”

The Times Series has been unable to get in contact with the Old Camdenians Football Club.