Customers at Sainsbury’s Potters Bar donated enough food during the store’s food drive to make 1,000 meals.

On October 6 and 7 Sainsbury’s in Darkes Lane asked its shoppers to donate an item with a long shelf life to help feed people affected by food poverty in the UK.

The store matched the donations made by customers meaning that enough food was gathered to feed 2,000 people.

The food drive was part of Sainsbury’s national campaign The Million Meal Appeal.

This year 900 stores across the country took part and enough food was donated to make two million meals.

All of the donations will be given to FareShare, a charity that fights hunger and food waste.

It does this by rescuing good surplus food that would otherwise go to waste.

It then sends the food to more than 720 charities and community projects including homelessness shelters and day centres.