A school is searching for former pupils from the last nine decades to celebrate its anniversary next month.

Underhill Junior School in Mays Lane, Barnet, is inviting students to commemorate its 80th anniversary in November.

In preparation for the event, current pupils are researching every decade since the school was first opened on September 5, 1932.

Each classroom will be decorated to represent the different decades and parents and past pupils will be invited to look around the school on Wednesday, November 28.

The following day there will be an evening of entertainment where former pupils will be invited to share their memories of the school. There will also be music and dance performances.

Headteacher Naz Goddard said: “It would be amazing to have past pupils that came to the school to join us for a celebratory event which would bring the history of the school alive.”

To get involved, email Melanie Harvey, pastoral manager, on mharvey3.302@lgflmail.org.

Former pupils are also invited to send in their memories of the school as well as photographs.