A travel and logistics consultant has helped fellow drivers to successfully quash a staggering 400 parking tickets.

Simon Kalman, 56, of Gainsborough Gardens, Golders Green, has a 100 per cent pass rate in overturning the parking tickets given in the last six years in Barnet.

He said: “Over several years people have discovered I know about parking tickets and send me emails to see if their tickets have been given wrongly.

"Why is it that officers are issuing tickets that are wrong? It costs the council money and it’s a waste of time."

In the past two months since Barnet Borough Council outsourced its parking department to NSL Limited last December, Mr Kalman has helped overturn four tickets.

He said: “One was given to a local GP who parked over the dropped curb to his own surgery.
“Another was given to someone who had displayed an out of date resident’s permit with a current permit higher up the windscreen.”

On Tuesday Mr Kalman also helped a driver who was given a fine in Alber Gardens, Golders Green, despite the enforcement officer taking a photo of his car with a valid resident’s permit clearly displayed.

Mr Kalman said: "It’s not fair that the traffic system is such that the council register tickets and the driver has to then waste time, effort and money and if they take legal representation and have to recover the cost because the system won’t allow it.

“I’d like to suggest that where tickets are blatantly issued, NSL should pay to the keeper of the registered vehicle what they are being told to pay otherwise it’s tantamount to fraud.”

A council spokesman said: “The service is still relatively new, having a mixture of experienced and new officers carrying out the service at all levels and locations. There is continued communication and adjustments made on a regular basis.

“The council will continue to work closely with its contractor ensuring that the statutory processes involved in enforcement are met, and any incidents requiring investigation are looked into.”

The council will file a report on Mr Kalman’s complaints which will be reported to the area environment sub-committee in January.