I would like to take this opportunity to thank the thousands of people in Hendon who voted for me in the General Election.

I would clearly have liked to get more votes, but am delighted to have had this opportunity to stand for Parliament for the first time, having enjoyed the whole thing thoroughly. I congratulate Matthew Offord on winning and commiserate with Andrew Dismore on losing his seat.

I detected a lot of good will towards the Liberal Democrats in Hendon at this election, with many undecided voters seriously thinking of voting Lib Dem before plumping for one of the others in the end, as is their right. The Liberal Democrats will continue to build on this good will in a bid to win many more votes at elections in years to come.

Thanks again to everyone who was so very friendly and courteous when I met them throughout this campaign, and I include in that many supporters of the other parties! It was an honour to stand and I am very grateful to everyone involved, including the local Lib Dems and everyone else who helped on the campaign.