The first street stall of the weekend was very positive. The sun was shining hard and people on Watling Avenue were pleased to see us. One man enthusiastically came up to me and said, “I have emailed you to say I am supporting you”. Two of the shop keepers came out and asked for more posters from us to put up in their shop windows and I spoke with the guys in the butcher’s shop who were all giving me the thumbs up. Another man told me that he thought it was despicable that any London MP had a second home when Parliament was so close.

I really enjoy speaking directly with people and if elected this is something that I would continue to do. For me, this is the best thing about politics – the people. Sometimes funny, sometimes frustrating, sometimes heartbreaking – but never boring.

The same happens at our second street stall on Mill Hill Broadway. The Liberals have also got a stall out here but I have yet to see the other Parliamentary candidates out on the street. During this campaign we have been door knocking and on the streets in every part of the constituency, unlike the others. It’s fair to say that no-one has any idea of what the UKIP and Green candidate actually look like as they have not been anywhere.

Campaigning in the afternoon is very positive. For many years I have been working with local residents on a range of issues and many people acknowledge this. One of the complaints is that local residents do not see their councillors and this confirms that we need a new way of doing politics in this constituency. If elected as this constituency’s MP, I will positively and pro-actively engage with councillors of all political parties. This means I will not try and do their job but actively engage them to accompany me on constituency visits, meetings with residents and get them to play their part. Fundamentally it will mean working with all and not play these silly political games of continually criticising the council and my opponents for short-term political gain. Only by doing that can we address the problems we face in the best interests of all of us who live in this area.