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Election 2015: Five reasons Raymond Shamash wants your vote in Hendon

The Times Series has asked each parliamentary candidate to explain why they should become an MP at the General Election on May 7.

Here UKIP candidate for Hendon, Raymond Shamash, explains why you should vote for him.

1. Immigration

Immigration is the issue that most concerns British voters but  we are powerless to control our borders until we leave the EU .The Human Rights Act means that we have even lost the power to deport convicted terrorists and rapists because of endless appeals to the European Court .The "right to a family life" trumps the safety of Britons.


They are trying to scare us that we cant leave the EU and manage on our own .How did we manage before? Norway is not an EU member but has a trade surplus with it. Switzerland (non-EU) is the EU’s  fourth biggest trading partner.

70%  of EU fish stocks are in the UK’s waters .We have a trade deficit with the EU  of  £ 30 bl. Now do you think we can go it alone?

3. Housing

They say we need 100,000 new houses annually. So say goodbye to the green belt. But there is another way. If its all supply and demand, why not reduce demand? When a quarter of londoners  getting housing support are foreign nationals, we believe controlling our borders will halt the upward pressure on London’s population that is fueling the housing crisis.

4. Foreign aid

We ring –fence the NHS but why ring- fence foreign aid? That’s £11bl. A year, 0.7% of our GDP. And where does it go? To India which has a space program? To corrupt third world countries where it ends up as ferraris and rayban sunglasses? Why not spend the money on deprivation at home?

5. NHS

They say the NHS is in crisis but a lot of the pressure is of our own making. 73% of new TB cases are from Eastern  Europe. The cost of treating one such case if the TB is of the resistant variety can be  £50,000. Are we heartless ? No, we just believe in a NATIONAL health service and not an INTERNATIONAL one. WE can't be the hospital of last resort for the world.

Your Say YourTimes

Don't Call Me Dave says...
5:39pm Mon 20 Apr 15

Vote UKIP, get Dismore

Grumblepop says...
7:30pm Mon 20 Apr 15

Don't Call Me Dave says... Vote UKIP, get Dismore Well stated that man who abandoned his Con Party mates long before he abandoned the Borough of Barnet. He'd suggest vote for Max and get the Muppet. Wow!

Your sayYour Times

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