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Labour's pink bus rolls into East Finchley

Labour’s Deputy Leader Harriet Harman said women had “borne the brunt” of government cuts during a campaign visit.

Ms Harman joined broadcaster Amy Lamé and Labour politicians Val Shawcross and Diane Abbott to boost support for Finchley and Golders Green candidate Sarah Sackman this afternoon.

After arriving in the party’s pink bus, they visited the New Local Cafe in High Road, East Finchley to speak to female tube drivers about work conditions.

They also spoke to passers by about Labour’s policies to help women, including increased free childcare and tackling low pay.

Ms Harman said: “Women have borne the brunt of this government’s cuts. The cuts in childcare mean women find it harder to balance work and home. It’s very important for women we have a change in government.”

Discussing the ‘woman to woman’ campaign that has seen the pink bus tour constituencies around the country, she said: “This is about listening to women and ensuring we back women up to get all the opportunities that might not have been available in the past.”

On the meeting with Tube drivers, the Labour politician said women were still a “very small minority”, and added: “These women are pioneers.”

Asked how significant it would be if Labour won Finchley and Golders Green, Ms Harman said: “I think it would be a recognition of how out of touch the Conservatives are, with concerns of housing, healthcare and living standards. This area is also suffering, and Sarah would be a champion.

“We have got a very positive message for housing that will cut through, especially for private renters.”

Lucy Roach, who has worked as a driver on the Northern Line for two years, said: “It’s a very male-dominated job. It’s getting better but it depends on the depot.”

Ms Sackman said figures from the Office for National Statistics showed a third of women in the constituency were paid below the living wage.

She added that Labour would offer tax incentives to employers paying the living wage, which would “boost morale” for employees.

Diane Abbot, Labour candidate for Hackney North and Stoke Newington and a former Shadow Health Minister, said the pink bus had been a huge success in London.

She added a Labour win in Finchley and Golders Green was “extremely important” to the party, and would be “one of the highlights of the night” if it happens on May 7.

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Don't Call Me Dave says...
1:59am Wed 29 Apr 15

It's hard to think of anything more patronising and condescending than Labour's pink bus.

James NW7 says...
9:58am Wed 29 Apr 15

Matthew Offord?

Grumblepop says...
1:00pm Wed 29 Apr 15

It fit's Labour, but LIGHT BLUE LABOUR fits better

Wombatz says...
7:43am Fri 1 May 15

It's difficult to think of anything more patronising and condescending than continual visits by the clown that is Boris Johnson.

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