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David Cameron and Boris Johnson visit Colindale

Prime Minister David Cameron and Mayor of London Boris Johnson dropped into Colindale with less than 48 hours to go before the next General Election.

Mr Cameron, who is hoping to serve a second term as Prime Minister, visited the Utility Warehouse, in Edgware Road, Colindale.

Staff erupted into cheers as the Conservative leader walked up the stairs with Mr Johnson and the two addressed the crowd.

The two were joined by the Conservative's parliamentary candidate for Hendon, Matthew Offord.

Mr Johnson said: “If Labour win on Friday, you’ll see the fear of Ed Miliband. Let’s dodge that bullet, let’s give that nightmare, that madness, a miss. We can, and we do have, a very clear choice.”

The visit comes as a recent Ashcroft poll showed Labour are inching ahead in Hendon.

Speaking to the Times Series, Mr Cameron spoke about the cuts to Mapledown School, in Claremont Road, Cricklewood.

Parents say severely disabled children are now unable to attend after school activities – “the only respite they get” – due to changes to the way the council's short breaks budget is distributed.

He said: “This government supports special schools and we have changed the guidance councils get about special schools and the important thing now is that there’s parental choice.

“The decision about funding is a Barnet Council decision.”

But when the Times Series said parents claim Mapledown runs the “only” suitable activities for their children, Mr Cameron said: “That is why the school is so important and that’s why the school is being supported.

“I know the council strongly supports special school provision. My understanding is that the reason the budget down is because fewer people have been going.”

Your Say YourTimes

Grumblepop says...
8:53pm Tue 5 May 15

Within the next 2 years Colindale ward would not require a Cameron visit, it's called RE New generation!

Mr E Dance says...
1:07pm Tue 5 May 15

Invite only, was it?

Mrs Angry, Broken Barnet blog says...
5:58pm Tue 5 May 15

No, Mr Cameron - Mapledown's vital respite care was cut by his Tory council just after their election 'gesture' of a 23 pence a week cut in council tax. In other words, disabled children and their families paid the price of an attempt to woo voters in the local elections. Utterly shameful, and thank God that Sarah Sackman, standing for Labour against Tory MP Mike Freer actually did something to help, and spoke up as an advocate for parents, which forced the Tories into restoring at least some of the money taken from them. And that is why she deserves your votes on Thursday.

JessicaRW says...
1:26pm Wed 6 May 15

"My understanding is that the reason the budget down is because fewer people have been going." Untrue and misleading on Cameron's part, but I wasn't really expecting anything else from him. He also seems to like the word "support", but I'm not convinced he actually understands the definition of the word.

Your sayYour Times

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