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Conservative James Clappison retains Hertsmere

Conservative MP James Clappison has retained his seat in Hertsmere with a majority of nearly 18,000 votes.

The results were as follows:

James Clappison (Conservative): 26,476

Sam Russell (Labour): 8,871

Anthony Rowlands (Lib Dem): 8,210

David Rutter (UKIP): 1,712

Danny Seabrook (BNP): 1,397

Arjuna Krishna-Das (Green): 604

There were 140 void ballots with a voter turnout of 65 per cent from a total of 73,157 possible voters.

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Ms Karen B says...
2:16pm Fri 14 May 10

See what I mean about only tories who vote?!

Your sayYour Times

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