I noted down three comments the Council Leader made at last nights Council meeting.

1 She got to be leader on merit 2 Mrs Thatcher did more for women’s rights than any other politician.

3 She would like the Chief Executive’s job Well the last one is not quite true, The Leader said this at the previous Council Meeting but it had only just come out in print.

The Leader also made another remark. In defending the allowances paid to some Chairmen, the Leader responded that at least the Chairmen did some work for their allowances unlike opposition Councillors, Leader on merit, indeed.

In contrast to the noisy demonstration outside the public gallery was almost empty. Those who stayed away must have known something. They did miss my Colleague (Susette Palmer) resplendent in a purple outfit.

The GLA member was also not there (well for the first part of the meeting). The Mayor’s Chaplain kicked off proceeding with a prayer. He hoped Councillors amongst other things would treat each other with respect ( or words to that effect) The Mayor made a point of assuring us that when the GLA member arrived ( he had given his apologies for lateness) he would relay the contents of his Chaplains homily .

Followers of Council procedure will know the first bit of business is Question Time. This is the opportunity for Councillors to ask Cabinet Members questions. The Councillor asking the question is permitted then to ask a supplementary.

Question 24 read “Is it really right to pay a Special Responsibility Allowance of over £15K per annum to any one for chairing a committee that meets only twice a year?”

The Labour Councillor whose name was down as the questioner was invited by the Mayor to put a supplementary. The Labour Councillor rose to his feet. He looked and sounded puzzled. “I did not submit this question “The other Councillors looked round “Who is going to come forward” I thought to myself. Officers could be seen leafing through the constitution. Determined not to be outwitted the Councillor asked a supplementary any way. Conspiracy theorist are at this very moment speculating on the real identity of the questioner.

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