On behalf of Barnet Green Party, I would like to thank everyone who supported and voted Green at last week’s local and General Elections.

The number of Green votes in the Barnet borough elections almost doubled from 11,637 in 2006 to 20,388 this time, which would have entitled us to several councillors under a proportional election system.

Unfortunately, the current winners-take-all system continues to deny us any seats on the council, demonstrating at a local level the urgent need for major electoral reform.

Thankfully Caroline Lucas managed to win the Greens’ first ever parliamentary seat when she triumphed in Brighton Pavilion constituency, while across the country additional Green councillors were elected.

I would also like to thank the police and Barnet Council staff for their diligence in ensuring democracy, especially when the close result in Hendon forced a full recount.

The long counting process was made bearable by the excellent facilities available for party workers and candidates attending the counts at the North London Business Park, with free refreshments and comfortable rest area available, complete with TV and spectacular view of the sunrise at 5:30am. Plus I have special thanks for the returning officer, the mayor Councillor Brian Coleman and other members of the Conservatives for their good humour and generous hospitality on the night.

Donald Lyven, Barnet Green Party agent