If you remember, for the past ten years Barnet FC have been trying with the help of the council to find a new ground.

Copthall Stadium was the preffered location by both parties. Only the Government at the time said no.

Barnet FC are still trying to find a new home and by rights they should be first in line if the Copthall stadium is now allowed to be redeveloped.

Their Working Together plan is very similar to the proposed Saracens one, but Barnet FC will not have 10,000 supporters turning up every other week and nearly 15,000 if they play European games.

Why is the council giving more help to outsiders than those who already reside in the borough?

Maybe there is more money going the councils way from Saracens than there is from the chairman of Barnet FC?

When you look back at the amount of money that the club spent with the council to find a home I think they could have bought Copthall outright.

Funny that they didn’t when a smaller club wanted to revive the stadium for Barnet FC and the public alike for the past ten years.

The football club is a family community club playing not just at Underhill but in schools, youth projects and in the wider community.

The club deserves a say in what happens to the stadium site as it could effect the club, its supporters and community at large.

It would be a sad day if the community has to suffer another loss of an asset which many people love.

Martin Smith
Long Lane, Finchley