On Friday, November 4, Edgware was in gridlock yet again because of roadworks and it would be interesting over the coming year to see how often the road is dug up yet again.

However I have an answer to this ongoing problem.

I am looking to set up a company to build a service tunnel under Station Road which would be funded by raising shares.

Ongoing income is generated by renting out the tunnel to the utility companies. It is a win/win situation.

My company will have a regular income, the utility companies save on not having to dig the road up and residents and businesses in Edgware gain from not having the constant traffic jams.

As this idea can be expanded all over the UK, it is surprising councils to whom we pay council tax have not thought of it first.

Having said that, I do give credit to Barnet Council as when Station Road was resurfaced, it was done at night, which reduced the problem.

Jim Brightwell
Cloister Gardens, Edgware