It was interesting to read Matthew Offord criticising Saracens’ plans for the redevelopment of the Copthall stadium, (‘Second setback for Saracens stadium bid’, Times Series, November 10).

I remember my disappointment last October, when Mr Offord was quoted in your paper as “looking forward to the proposals that emerge from Saracens”.

Although Mr Offord has now bowed to the overwhelming feedback of his constituents and opposes the plans, I could not understand how he could ever have thought it viable for a premiership rugby team with 10,000 fans to be hosted in the Copthall?

Anyone who travels around the area at weekends will know how busy it already is, supporting the weekend leisure activities of Barnet residents.

How Mr Offord could ever have looked forward to a proposal that involved bringing 10,000 people to the borough is a mystery to me.

Although I’m glad to see he has listened to his constituents’ feedback at the public meeting, perhaps he could consider them first next time?

Sian John
Bampton Drive, Mill Hill