Two design and engineering students from Middlesex University are celebrating after a jacket they created made it’s on-screen debut.

Dean Chapman and Ilyan Kukushliev created the jacket, which features lights which flash to display different text and patterns, for a Belgian television commercial.

The jacket appears in advertisements for Electrabel, the largest electricity producer in Belgium and the Netherlands.

The students worked on the project as part of a team with top designer Moritz Waldemeyer who has also worked with the likes of Will.I.Am, Kylie Minogue, Leona Lewis and Rihanna.

Mr Waldemeyer has continued to invite Middlesex engineers and designers onto his projects after being impressed with their talents on previous high profile commissions for Take That and Ellie Goulding.

Third-year student Mr Chapman, 20, said: “The project was great learning experience of working in a pressurised environment with real time constraints.

“We worked hard programming the chips, soldering components and wiring circuit boards together to create the jackets.

“It’s rewarding to see the results and know that our work is being seen across Belgium.”