A pair of friends went the extra mile on a charity endurance march last week.

Dave Alleyne, 47, and Laurie Lister, 48, from East Barnet, walked ten miles a day for four days and camped rough at night on Bodmin Moor, Cornwall, to raise money for Help For Heroes.

The plan was dreamt up by their friend Paul Adams, an ex-serviceman, who planned their route.

In an attempt to give his non-military friends a taste of army life, Mr Adams added some extra challenges to the walk, which took place between April 11 and April 14.

He insisted that Mr Alleyne and Mr Lister wore uncomfortable Second World War battle dress and only had ponchos for shelter.

They could only carry a water bottle and were not allowed to take any money or food.

However, during the first night of their adventure the temperature fell to -3 degrees Celsius, so Mr Adams felt he had no choice but to relent and give them sleeping bags.

For sustenance, the walkers had to venture into pubs and houses to ask for food in return for carrying out some chores.

Mr Adams said: “It went really well and they were very well received by the local people on the moor.

“One elderly man gave them each a packet of biscuits – they were chuffed to bits with that.

“As they passed pubs they were given sandwiches and a pint.

“They thoroughly enjoyed it.”

The friends chose to support Help for Heroes after Mr Adams’ nephew was killed in Afghanistan and hope to raise about £2,500.

Mr Alleyne said: “We thought we’d have a go at this, but we didn’t know whether we would come back or not.

“I had never done anything like it before. I’m not much of a walker.”

While the walk was a great success, Mr Adams did admit the pair got lost on Friday morning and ended up having to wade across a river as they missed the footbridge.

He said: “They went completely wrong because they didn’t bother to look at their maps.

“They had to be rescued by a ranger who pointed them in the right direction again.”

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