Times Series: Dear Mr Mustard - Web Banner Mr Mustard doesn’t like paying wrongly issued parking fines. Here he helps readers solve their parking ticket problems. If you have a fine you believe was unfair, a question about the rules, or an example of bad practice, contact us here.

Worth a try - how to beat a parking ticket in the Saracens event day zone

Posted on 12:10pm Saturday 5th July 2014

I was fined for parking in the Saracens event day zone, but didn't realise it was an event day.

Is a parking warden allowed to take a photo when the driver is in the car?

Posted on 11:50am Monday 26th May 2014

I was sitting in my car when a traffic warden popped up from nowhere and took a photo of the tax disc - is this allowed?

Mr Mustard

Fined while going to pay council tax

Times Series: Photograph of the Author

Posted on 7:40am Saturday 17th May 2014

Dear Mr Mustard,

Mr Mustard

What a headache! One car, one migraine and three parking tickets in 27 hours

Times Series: Photograph of the Author

Posted on 10:10am Saturday 26th April 2014

'I couldn't move my car due to a migraine - then traffic wardens gave me three parking tickets in a little over 24 hours'

Mr Mustard

Ask Mr Mustard: Are blue badges being used fraudulently?

Times Series: Photograph of the Author

Posted on 2:20pm Thursday 17th April 2014

Many residents have commented on the large number of blue badges they have seen on cars in our high streets and their doubts whether all of these are being used legitimately.

Mr Mustard

'Why don't traffic wardens use some common sense?'

Times Series: Photograph of the Author

Posted on 3:40pm Tuesday 1st April 2014

An audiologist came to fit Grandma’s new hearing aids. Grandma, 88, lives in Finchley, N2, and residents' parking is all day. So she gave the audiologist one of the old half-day permits.

Mr Mustard

My disabled father was fined after forgetting to put his blue badge back

Times Series: Photograph of the Author

Posted on 3:20pm Thursday 27th March 2014

The problem I have concerns my father’s "blue badge" parking. He parks with the badge on display in a designated bay in front of his home in Holly Drive, Potters Bar and received a fine when he forgot to replace the badge after a shopping trip.

Mr Mustard

Parking vouchers: when you follow the instructions and still get fined

Times Series: Photograph of the Author

Posted on 3:55pm Monday 17th March 2014

I recently used two one-hour parking vouchers so that I could park for two hours in North Finchley. I scratched off the correct boxes and put the vouchers side-by-side but still got a parking ticket.

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