Edgar Davids says he could play for Barnet again but insists he will need to rediscover his “joy” before making a return.

The Dutch midfielder has made ten appearances for the Bees in all competitions this season but has been shown three cards and six yellows.

After being dismissed against Salisbury, Davids said he planned to stop playing and felt referees were targeting him.

While that hasn’t changed, the Dutchman emphasised he hasn’t decided to retire and explained he could make a return to the Bees side.

“We will see (if I will return),” he said. “There is still time and we will see if I get my joy back or not.”

He continued: "If you don't have fun you shouldn't play. Always play if you have fun.

"Salisbury could be my last game, why not? For me I don't look at those things. Just how I feel and how it affects the team."

When asked about the media’s reaction to his decision to stop playing, Davids said: “I don't follow the media, the media follows me.

“If I retire I will make a statement if that is necessary. If I don't feel it is necessary. then you won't see me.”