With only five regular season premiership games remaining and a Heineken cup tie with Ulster on the horizon, crunch time is here.

When it comes down to this stage, every point counts. Whether that is gaining a home semi-final, gatecrashing the top four party or fighting off relegation.

In tight games, where every point could be crucial, you need somebody you can rely on and luckily for Saracens, their points machine has come in to form just at the right time.

Owen Farrell is one of those players who has come under a fair amount of criticism for his young years; he plays too deep, kicks too much and his fiery temperament often gets him in to trouble.

After a solid Six Nations where he more than held his own, Farrell returned to Saracens colours this weekend.

Missing just one penalty and controlling the game superbly, you can see exactly why he has nailed down the England number 10 shirt.

His try may just look like another intercept, praying on an outrageous loopy Harlequins pass on their own line but it demonstrated the vision that the 22-year-old possesses.

He spotted the opportunity as soon as the pass left Evans hands, giving him the opportunity to execute it to perfection and crash over under the posts.

One area in which criticisms still remain is his ability to keep calm, when he is lining the ball up in front of the posts there is no doubt about his cool, calm, collective nature but in the heat of the moment, things can often boil over.

Despite his man of the match performance on Saturday, there was one incident that highlighted this - a tackle with no arms.

Farrell is a 10 in a very similar mould to Jonny Wilkinson, he doesn’t shy away from making a big hit. But unlike Wilkinson, this can sometimes go against him and technique goes out the window.

The last thing you want in a season-defining game is your playmaker and goal-kicker having a ten-minute rest on the sidelines.

At just 22-years-old with a Premiership title and a Lions tour already under his belt, Farrell will only develop, grow and mature.

If this is what he has to offer now, the future is very exciting indeed.