Eight Hendon gymnasts have qualified to represent London in the National Championships in Birmingham in May.

Hendon boasted the highest number of gymnasts to progress to the Nationals after excelling in the qualifiers at Heathrow Athletics Club on March 23.

With 18 golds, three silvers and a bronze medal, it was a proud day for coaches Alun Leach, Nicole Wooder and Anna Ponea, who will take eight girls to Birmingham next month for the Nationals.

Alina Cofie, 9, won the Compulsory Four, whilst Lily Zentner, 10, progressed in second in the Compulsory Three.

In the National Eight, Clara Rimini, 10, and Harriet Yap, 11, finished second and fourth respectively to secure their place in the finals.

There were three further Hendon qualifiers in the National Seven, with Tulsi Bevil, 11, emerging as the winner and Milly Gall, 11, in third. Miyuki Kenetsuka, 12, qualified in fifth and will travel to Birmingham as a reserve.

Finally, in the National Six, Zoe Harris, 13, qualfied in first place.

The National finals will take place in Cock Moors Wood, Birmingham, with the date for the Compulsories Championships on the weekend of May 3-4 and the National Grade Championships between May 17-18.