Dereck Chisora's trainer Don Charles is adamant his fighter will stop David Haye in their grudge battle at Upton Park this weekend.

The controversial Finchley boxer will take on former world heavyweight champion Haye in front of a packed crowd at the home of West Ham United on Saturday night. The clash has been sanctioned by the Luxembourg Board of Control after the pair's unexpected brawl in Munich earlier this year.

Charles has backed Chisora to bounce back from his defeats to Tyson Fury, Robert Helenius, which was deemed an unfair points decision, and Vitali Klitschko over the last year.

His long term trainer said: "David Haye has caught Dereck at the wrong time. I'm very confident but it's about how you address that confidence and utilise it.

"We're not arrogant and dismissive of David Haye. He's high calibre and we respect that but my boy will beat him and not only will he beat him but he'll stop him.

"The fight will be won in the centre of the ring. We will control that ring and if David Haye wants to run, the ring's only so big. He will be caught and stopped.

"Losing is not even an option for the fight against David Haye. We can't afford to lose for a lot of reasons because this is a turning point for Dereck. Not for David, he's already done it and become an undisputed world champion. He's already got to the top of the mountain. There's only one place he can go and that's down and that's where he's going to be this weekend."

The feud between the pair started in February when Haye interrupted Chisora's post-fight press conference following his loss to Klitschko. The boxers brawled and Chisora accused Haye of glassing him. Their antics brought the sport into disrepute and led to Chisora having his British licence withdrawn.

Haye has come out of retirement for this bout and 28-year-old Chisora admits he has no time for his opponent. The North London fighter was particularly critical of Haye for using the excuse of a broken toe after his limp defeat to Vladimir Klitschko last summer.

Chisora said: "We know David Haye is a big mouth. He's been boasting he would stop Klitschko and he's always a big talker so we don't care anyway. I don't like him.

"He's a drama queen. If he took his beating like a man and came out on TV and said I lost to a great champion, then I think that's the way the British public would want to hear it. Don't make excuses about your toe. That was an embarrassment for him and his whole family.

"People liked him and loved him but then he came out with his broken toe. People put money on him because he was giving a good talk, but if he had said he had a broken toe and postponed the fight then people would have been happy. But to get in the ring and then make excuses about the broken toe, come on. If he had knocked him out with a broken toe do you think he would have told us? I don't think so.

"I respect him as a fighter but as a man I don't. There are so many reasons why but I can't go into that."

Charles believes 'Del Boy' is in good shape both physically and mentally which was not the case when he fought Fury in Wembley a year ago. Chisora was overweight and suffered bouts of depression after the financial setback of seeing his fight with Klitschko fall through at the last minute. But Charles believes his fighter is back to where he needs to be heading into the British showdown, which is being aired on BoxNation.

The trainer added: "Every fighter will always say they're in the best shape of their career but you're only as good as you feel. Only Dereck can give you an accurate view. He feels good and is looking after himself.

"He's eating better than he has done before. He's always in good condition with the exception of the Tyson Fury fight when he should never have been in the ring. But we've learnt from that as a team. He's in a better place at the moment both mentally and physically."