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Sarah Jane Daniels

Sarah Jane Daniels

Sarah Jane DANIELS Happy 40th Birthday Sarah wherever you are. If only we could celebrate with you. We think of you in silence we often speak your name what we would give to hear your voice and see your face again. Sweet Dreams and love always from your Mum and Dad, sister Deana her husband Paul and nephew Ellis XXX



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  • Deana Danielssays...

    It is hard to believe but my beautiful sister would have been 40 today. As it is she remains forever 25. I miss you so much, Sarah. I miss the long telephone conversations that we would have where we had run out of things to say but didn't want to finish the call. I miss the fits of giggles we would share over the most ridiculous little thing. I miss the part of you that made up part of me. Love you. Deana xxx
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