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The forest during winter. Picture: Yvette Woodhouse
File photo dated 03/11/21 of Owen Paterson, whose resignation as the MP for North Shropshire triggered a by-election. Issue date: Thursday November 4, 2021..
Ernie MacKenzie says raising taxes in Chancellor Rishi Sunak's budget will make life worse for Watford people, not better
Watford fans. Jeremy Austin says homophobia is just bullying and not banter or humour
Reader Will Podmore has questioned why the police are investigating this banner that was displayed by Crystal Palace supporters. Picture: Action Images
Mark Dawes argues nuclear power is an essential part of dealing with climate change. Photos: Pixabay
Council's own government allowed Wellstones development to go ahead
Call for residents' associations to form an umbrella group
What happened to the green spaces that were part of the original plans for Leavesden film studio plan 1995
Revitalise Jubilee Lodge in Chigwell is open for carers who need a break. Photo: Revitalise